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Stage in Lights


Where does Charlotte offer her services?

Charlotte is versatile and ready to enchant audiences at a wide range of events, spanning from public bars, venues, and shows to weddings, corporate gatherings, hen parties, and beyond!

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Lone Microphone


What Genre does Charlotte perform?

As a solo performer, Charlotte distinguishes herself by offering genre-specific packages that cater to a variety of tastes. From the enchanting 'Timeless Jazz Bar' to the soul-stirring 'Power Love Ballads,' the captivating 'Musical Theatre,' the laid-back 'Lounge R&B with Soul,' the rustic charm of 'Boho & Folk,' the edgy 'Alternative & Indie,' to the vibrant 'Disco Dance Floor,' or any musical taste you desire... And if you crave the best of all worlds, you can opt for our Ultimate Mix!

— Charlotte has a musical experience for every preference.

Services: Welcome
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